Just asking

Last night, during my umpteenth visit to Home Depot I realized something — there was a rather high proportion of extremely pretty and sometime even gorgeous women working the cash registers. In fact, this has been true of every Home Depot in Central New Jersey — at least, the ones that I’ve seen.

I expect a bar or a restaurant to keep a babealicious staff — but Home Depot?

Is this initiative on the part of Home Depot? Or are the more eligible women hoping to snag a guy who’s handy at home projects? I find that plausible. After all, a job at Starbucks will mainly bring you into contact with moody young men who spend all day staring into laptops and have horrendous coffee breath. A job at Home Depot, on the other hand, gets you up close to men who can build you a backyard deck, or re-wire your house.    

I’m just asking.

3 thoughts on “Just asking

  1. Ron Fischer says:

    Steven, Steven… I don’t doubt the women are attractive but never lose sight of your developing biases “old man” 😉

  2. Fred Kiesche says:

    The pay is no doubt better than $tarbuck$ or Mickey D’s, etc. Plus benefits, stock options and the like. And it has to be better that Wally Mart.

    Several years ago Home Depot was on a hiring binge for ex-contractors. Then things got better for contractors and they all started working as contractors again. So now Home Depot has to make an effort to hire us plain folk.

  3. geoff says:

    Not twenty minutes ago I was buying a ginseng soda at my local health food store, and I had the exact opposite experience. Why are cashiers and clerks in health food stores universally unappealing? Why do men who work in such places look so unfit as to resemble extras on the set of a George A. Romero film?

    Graffiti noted on Target restroom wall: screw Friendly’s–Target girls are HOT!

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