Monthly Archives: October 2006

An adept in need

Robert Anton Wilson, co-author of the mind-bending Illuminatus! books, is in a very bad way. A friend of his has come up with a fundraising gimmick: an exceptionally spiffy t-shirt, the purchase of which will kick ten bucks Wilson’s way.

The Illuminatus! books, published in the mid-1970s, are a lysergic stew of satire, conspiracy theory and historic and theological arcana. Think of Thomas Pynchon at the top of his game — V., for example, or The Crying of Lot 49 — and you’ll have an idea of the company Wilson stands tall with.

Someday there’ll be a Library of America edition of Robert Anton Wilson’s collected works. Right now, though, you can help give peace of mind to a terribly ill man who was never rewarded in proportion to his gifts. Read this item and then send some love his way.