Location, location, location

Maybe it’s because the recent stretch of gorgeous weather comes after a drenching nor’easter and several miserable days of drizzling rain, but we’ve been spending every possible moment outdoors, listening to the synphony of birds in and around our back yard. By the end of this summer we’ll probably be confirmed bird watchers, trooping out to Sandy Hook and Cape May to observe the southbound travelers.

While taking in the sounds and trying to connect them to specific birds, I noticed a robin flitting across the yard to one of the arbor vitae, bearing clumps of vegetable matter in its beak, then racing back across the yard with an empty beak. I remarked that it looked like a bird was building a nest in our yard.

Stupid thing to say aloud. There was no holding the kids back after they heard something like that. Turns out there was in fact a perfectly woven, deep and cozy looking nest bound into the arbor vitae, just about shoulder height on me. The kids demanded to be hoisted up for a look, and of course I couldn’t resist staring myself.

The robin hasn’t come back since. We must have scared him off. It’s probably all for the best. The arbor vitae is right behind our swing set, and sooner or later somebody would have swooped back and jostled the bush. Any eggs in the nest could have been damaged, even knocked loose and sent toppling to the ground.

What can I say? Sorry guy. The big galumphing humans spoiled your plans. Hope you have enough time to build another nest and start the necessary work of the summer.

One thought on “Location, location, location

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