Book tour blues

Since my own book is coming out in just a little over a month and so far the publicity rounds mainly involve me driving back and forth across the state (though not everything has been scheduled yet), I can only marvel when somebody like Kevin Sessums sounds depressed because he’s on a national book tour. I look at his itinerary and think how nice it would be to have such a problem.

Who knows? Maybe by the time summer rolls around this blog will be full of my weeping and lamentations, but right now I’m jazzed about the whole thing. I’ve been to enough author appearances to know the difference between good ones and bad ones — bad appearances, that is, not authors — and I’m determined that anyone who takes the time to come see me is going to have fun. Maybe not fun on the scale of a Kiss concert — flashpots and bookstores really don’t work well together — but I’m not just going to stand around mumbling with my nose stuck in the book. I like shooting the breeze with people — why else would I be blogging?

I’ll have my own itinerary posted in the next week or so.

5 thoughts on “Book tour blues

  1. You’re right .. it’s a nice problem … I keep telling myself that … And I do love the performance aspect to the book tour – just read this morning to a combined Ethics and Drama class at the Potomac School in Virginia at 8:10 a.m. … But until you’ve experienced book tour exhaustion you’ll never know the lonely exhaustion of it .. Good luck on your tour .. I’ll look for your book .. Good luck with it. All the best, Kevin Sessums

  2. A Buccino says:

    The Last Three Miles just shot to to the top of my Amazon Wish List!

  3. marydell says:

    Having grown up in Harrison, I know the Pulaski Skyway and environs very, very well. As a result, I’ll have to read your book even though I’m partial to fiction. If you happen through my area during the tour, I’ll stop in and grub for an autograph (if I can push through the throngs of fans and get close to the table).

  4. Joseph Zitt says:

    Dunno if the subject matter of the book would inspire you to take your book tour to the other edge of the continent, but if so, you have an event space stage waiting for you in San Francisco!

  5. Steven Hart says:

    I’ll tell my publisher. Just keep the earthquakes on hold until I get there, okay?

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