You? Meme? Us?

Marydell at Bookblog snuck up and slapped The Eight Things Meme on my back when I wasn’t looking. Now I must share eight random facts about myself before spreading the meme to eight other unwary targets.

1. My first child was born to the sound of Ella Fitzgerald singing “Easy to Love.” We had a boombox set up on a chair near the bed during delivery. The song’s title proved prophetic.

2. I’m allergic to cats and many species of dogs. While interviewing a woman in Liberty Corners for a New York Times story about people who live in historic houses, I met a woman who kept a West Highland White Terrier. Until then I never knew there were dogs that were potentially acceptable for people with allergies. So now I have a couple of Westies to warn me whenever there are squirrels and other dogs in the neighborhood.

3. I only watch broadcast TV shows when they turn up on DVD. I’ll make an exception once in a while, but as a general rule I only use the TV for movies and programs on DVD or videocassette. Dropping television freed up an amazing amount of time for other things.

4. The first time I visited Los Angeles, I wanted to see the Watts Towers right away. Jacob Bronowski talked about them on his show The Ascent of Man, and that led to the obsession.

5. I’m a fearful snob about Bob Dylan bootleg recordings. Really — I’m completely insufferable on the subject. Catch me in the right frame of mind and I can be God’s own bore on the relative merits of the original version of Blood on the Tracks.

6. I think “Je Ne Regrette Rien” is a good song but nonsense as a philosophy. If you’ve had any kiind of life at all, you have regrets.

7. I’ve been to Kazakhstan and it’s nothing like Borat. But you knew that already. About the movie, I mean.

8. The first time I visited England, as soon as I had some time on my own, I made a beeline for Samuel Johnson’s house on Gough Square. I even had lunch next to the statue of Hodge. If that makes me a lit snob, cool.   

9. I like to think outside the box.

Now then! Who shall wear the meme next?

1. Hey Joe, where you going with that CD in your hand?

2. Ron, here’s a subject you can get really animated about.

3. Don’t look now, Tami, but this is the price you pay for that shiny new link on The Opinion Mill.

4. Geoff, now that you’re rid of that ghost, here’s something new to haunt you.

5. You can run, Mark, but you can’t hide from this meme.

6. Goddess, dahlink, you knew I wouldn’t forget you.

7. We already know you’re a poet, Hank, so you still have to come up with the full eight.

8. Sorry about the Blogger’s Choice thing, Schad, but I did my part.


3 thoughts on “You? Meme? Us?

  1. marydell says:

    Oh, I’m very happy now. 🙂

  2. Tammy says:

    Wow, I so want to do this but I don’t know how to do links yet. I mean I know how to post links, but not just hyperlinks that are just first names like you did. Can you tell me how, Steve? I know, I know, i’m a total Webidiot.

    Loved your list.


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