The Second Annual Bobcat Birthday Challenge

Demands on my time kept me from coming up with as many items as I would have liked for this year’s Bobcat Challenge. In fact, I ended up missing Bob Dylan’s birthday entirely. So, to compensate, I’ve tried to make the quiz times a bit more difficult than last year’s. As before, I’ll leave the items up for a week and then randomly pick a winner from the entrants who correctly answer each item. The winner will get an appropriate Dylan-related item.

1. The hairiest thing Bob’s ever done.

2. She doesn’t look anything like it now.

3. What’s just like a woman?

4. What women authors has Bob read?

5. Flagging down the what?

6. Who’s the slut?

7. Contact my nearest surviving relatives when this happens.

8. Where he always hears his name.

9. He thinks Bob is the scum of a bag.

10. Every time you turn around, you hear one of these.

11. What can that little horsie do?

12. Do that bird, suck that pig, and then what?

13. They backed him on Bob’s first Letterman appearance.

Send you entries to me at hart.stevenhart[at], and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

One thought on “The Second Annual Bobcat Birthday Challenge

  1. Jon Lasser says:

    1. Wore a wig to Newport (and the Masked and Anonymous screening at Sundance).
    2. Dylan’s drawing of her (Highlands)
    3. The way she aches.
    4. Erica Jong.
    5. The Double E.
    6. She charmed away his brains.
    7. When the wheel on fire explodes!
    8. The doorway of temptations angry flame.
    9. William Zantzinger
    10. Another hard luck story.
    11. Fox-trot, lope, and pace
    12. (and bring it on home) and pick that drip.
    13. Infidels band?

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