The font of wisdom

One of the coolest features of the old Paris Review author interviews was the sample manuscript page that was often included with the interview, so you could see how much scrawling and revising each writer did on his drafts. Now that PCs have eliminated most of the messy but highly personal aspects of revision, I guess this kind of thing will take its place as a clue to the writer’s personality. Not nearly as much fun, I have to say.  

2 thoughts on “The font of wisdom

  1. Fred Kiesche says:

    There’s always the “track changes” feature in MSWord. I also use a program called “Delta View” at work. That will give you a spiffy blow-by-blow breakdown of every single change in one saved version vs. another saved version. Just the thing to perk up a group of lawyers, utterly boring to the rest of us.

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