The Skyway, my way

So I went on the Leonard Lopate Show this afternoon on WNYC and had a great time talking about The Last Three Miles: Politics, Murder and the Construction of America’s First Superhighway. The chat lasted only about 20 minutes, but in that time the guest host helped dance me through the book’s key points. I also got to throw in that all-important reference to The Sopranos — gotta have that.

Here’s a link to the WNYC podcast of the segment. I see the comments thread is already filling up. Cool.

Also, I can’t let any more time go by without mentioning Mary’s mention of the book over at BookBlog. Much appreciated.

2 thoughts on “The Skyway, my way

  1. Fred Kiesche says:

    Got stuck in work, so I heard about 10 minutes or so. You sounded a bit hoarse at that point.

  2. marydell says:

    You’re very welcome! No kidding, I really enjoyed the book. You treated the subjects with the right amount of honesty and respect, which isn’t an easy combination to get right.

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