Scream and scream again

Even if you’re not a hardcore film geek, you may have noticed that a particular highly identifiable scream often crops up in different movies during violent action scenes. Turns out that “The Wilhelm Scream” is a particular sound effect from a 1951 western that has become sort of an in-joke for sound engineers, who have planted it in everything from Star Wars to Toy Story. This YouTube assemblage of Wilhem Screams from various movies is a real hoot, as is this brief history of how the scream became a Hollywood legend.

2 thoughts on “Scream and scream again

  1. […] hey, what’s that sound? September 28th, 2007 First it was the The Wilhelm Scream. Now it’s The Flipper Giggle. Not only does it not appear in nature, it was created by Mel […]

  2. […] October 17th, 2007 The Wilhelm Scream has gone mainscream . . . um, mainstream. ABC News has posted its own short, amusing take on the […]

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