The next phase of my campaign

My Awe-Inspiring Book Tour to support The Last Three Miles goes on a short hiatus after tonight’s reading in Carlstadt (Carlstadt Community Center, Fourth Street, Carlstadt, N.J. at 7 p.m.) and then resumes late in January.

The first scheduled appearance for 2008 will be in Hoboken at the Symposia Bookstore, and there’s a chance the new year will see my first readings outside of New Jersey. That’s more than cool with me. The book tackles issues and events of national import, and while the events unfolded in the Garden State, the implications go well beyond the borders of the Land Twixt Delaware and Hudson. We’re talking about Frank Hague, after all — a guy who could intimidate Franklin Delano Roosevelt, fer chrissake.

The Hoboken event will be Thursday, Jan. 24, at 7 p.m. in Symposia Bookstore, 510 Washington Street. Make it the start of your pub crawl, or a stop along the way. Shucks, if I sell enough books, I might just join you.

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