Stephen Fry has a blog

And a very geeky, tech-intensive blog it is. I guess that’s how Jeeves managed to keep Bertie Wooster’s life more or less on track, all those years.

Though I’ve sung the praises of Jim Dale’s readings on the Harry Potter audiobooks, I’m very curious to hear Fry’s versions, which are the ones circulated in the U.K. If the next book proposal does well, maybe I’ll knuckle under and buy this. And if the proposal does extremely well, maybe I’ll get extravagant with this.

2 thoughts on “Stephen Fry has a blog

  1. Ron Fischer says:

    Fry’s blog provides one of the best written and funniest techie commentaries around. Sadly he’s been offline due to a broken arm. Wonder if he was riding on the sideboard of a VW?

  2. Steven Hart says:

    Ba dum, bish!

    He actually posted x-rays of his busted wing. Really gave me a pang of nostalgia there…

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