The Gimli groove

As much as I like Scandinavian music, I hadn’t heard of ethno group Hedningarna, until PZ Myers highlighted it in a recent post. The occasion was a welcome English translation of the group’s lyrics for “Drafur and Gildur,” a song from the fourth album:

Suddenly roaring and screeching
Trolls come running from the woods
Drafur muses to himself
“Time for some axercise!”

The first troll is hoping
To bash Drafur’s legs to pulp
This ambition is thwarted
When his head takes leave of his neck

More and more trolls appear
Drafur wishes they would just go away
Trolls have tiny brains
But there are too many of them

Suddenly the trolls’ luck turns
And hope springs in Drafur’s heart
Through a scarlet mist
He spies Gildur kicking troll ass

You can read the rest here. You know you want to.


2 thoughts on “The Gimli groove

  1. geoff says:

    Thanks for the reminder. Haven’t listened to Tra in a while….

  2. music4videos says:

    Thank you for bringing this artist to my attention, will listen to more music like that. I’ve posted some ethno music video clips on my blog, feel free to visit.

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