Personality wave

Galleycat cites this video from Jen A. Miller, author of the new guidebook Jersey Shore: Atlantic City to Cape May,  as an example of how an author can use sheer force of personality and “passionate expertise” to get readers interested in one’s book. Being gorgeous and summery blonde probably doesn’t hurt, either.

I dunno . . . maybe I should con one of my friends into galumphing around the Meadowlands gathering video footage for a promo of The Last Three Miles. But not today. It’s just too freakin’ hot. How shrewd of Jen Miller to write the kind of book in which, once the promo work is done, she can simply walk over to the beach. I’ll have to choose the subject of my next book with that in mind.

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One thought on “Personality wave

  1. Well, thanks Steve! That’s very nice to say.

    It helped that we filmed everything in one day (and on a day where at sunrise it was 45 degrees). I was on the Boardwalk on Sunday and there was no WAY I would have put myself on camera. Yick.

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