Bernie Mac

I don’t know about the rest of y’all muthafuckas, but I didn’t catch on to muthafuckin’ Bernie Mac until The Original Kings of Comedy (2000), in which he showed himself capable of holding his own among the likes of muthafuckas like D.L. Hughley, Steve Harvey and Cedric the Muthafuckin’ Entertainer — no small feat. One of my favorite bits was when Bernie went off on why he was having a hard time getting his own television show:

The Bernie Mac Cooking Show? I’d have paid good money to see that muthafucka.

Bernie finally did get his TV show, and along with that and the Danny Ocean movies he was really coming into his own. Now he’s dead at the age of 50, and it’s a crying shame. Like Robin Harris, who died just after his cameo appearances in Do the Right Thing and House Party moved his career into high gear, Bernie Mac was a big talent who looked ready to keep on growing.

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One thought on “Bernie Mac

  1. Scott Stiefel says:

    Fuckin’ fucker’s fuckin’ fucked.

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