Beaucoups of Bobness

Nick D. is having a Bobapalooza over at his site. Not only did he and his son head upstate to take in Dylan’s Sunday show in the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (where it appears His Bobness was wearing hand-me-downs from Jack White’s flirtation with Zorro chic), but the trip also involved hunting for folkie ghosts in Saratoga Springs and reminiscing about taking in the Rolling Thunder Revue (the 1975 leg) in Niagara Falls.

Meanwhile, William V. (who just joined my Listening Around blogroll) saw his Bobness at Foxwoods and was pretty much blown away. And Michael G., whose books The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia and Song and Dance Man are gold-standard reference works for Bobcats, has mixed feelings about the mixed bag that will be the next installment of the Bootleg Series, particularly the marketing of high-priced collectors’ bait in the guise of “deluxe editions.”

And finally, in the spirit of crass commercialism, I offer the above YouTube clip.

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