A writer in need

Vera Nazarian, writer and founder of the Norilana Books publishing lines, is snowed under with bills from a combination of medical expenses, a frivolous lawsuit filed by a scammer, and horrible luck. John Scalzi is leading an Internet fund drive to help her keep her house and, if possible, her sanity. Maybe you’d like to kick in a bit to help?

ADDENDUM: As John Scalzi points out, the vanguard on this is the HelpVera newsgroup on LiveJournal.

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2 thoughts on “A writer in need

  1. John Scalzi says:

    Actually, I’m not leading the fund drive — other people (mainly the folks at the “Help Vera” LJ newsgroup) did all of the very hard work of organizing it and getting the word out, and I just followed up on their work and pitched in a little. I do appreciate the shoutout (and encourage people to keep helping!), but I want to be sure credit is given where credit is due.

  2. Steven Hart says:

    Props to the newsgroup. And let’s keep Vera’s Christmas a merry one, to the extent we can.

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