‘Montana’ on my mind

Because some days you just want to hear a song about dental floss.

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One thought on “‘Montana’ on my mind

  1. Perezoso says:

    yes, Montana’s sort of the epitome of 70’s Zappa sound: mondo funk-rock with some jazz-fusiony melodic touches, and then stravinsky-at-the carnival sections (tho’ I find some of his instrumental writing a bit arbitrary, but at least rhythmically interesting, and marimba a pleasant change from the usual rock grunge). I contend FZ lyrics are a throwaway, mostly (not always), or sort of Lenny Bruce political satire (and the caca humor seems rather dated).

    Which is to say, it’s more about the muzak than the frat boy pranks and raunchiness (a point mostly lost on the aristocrat gangstas)

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