Conceptual continuity

And so Zappadan 2008 enters the history books. Hats off to The Aristocrats and everybody else who pitched in. It’s been a lot of fun.

As soon as this guff about . . . oh, you know, Christmas . . . New Year’s . . . Summer . . . Halloween . . . Thanksgiving . . . gets cleared out of the way, we can start planning for Zappadan 2009. Until then, let me close with an example of Zappa’s return to certain musical themes and ideas over the three decades of his career — a practice he called “conceptual continuity.”

Start with “Dog Breath Variations” from Uncle Meat:

And follow it through A Token of His Extreme:

And here it is, morphed into “Black Napkins” from Zoot Allures. That’s Adrian Belew playing alongside Zappa in this 1977 clip:

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One thought on “Conceptual continuity

  1. mark h says:

    You were a great addition to Zappadan this year, Steven!

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