Friday finds

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Mutter Museum, the remarkable Philadelphia institution where you can see the Soap Lady, the Enormous Colon, the secret tumor of Grover Cleveland and a dizzying array of other medical curiosities. I do mean “dizzying,” since there have been people who find the collection a little overwhelming, and beat a quick retreat from the displays of skulls and curious objects that people have actually swallowed. “Disturbingly Informative” indeed.

The Holy Land isn’t looking so hot these days. Maybe they should rename it Lovecraft Village.

From The Raft of Grapes to The Grapes of Wrath. How customer dyslexia can be a selling opportunity.

ScoreKeeper lists the best original film music of 2008. Apparently it was a good year for Michael Giacchino — the list makes me sorry I didn’t stick around for the closing music of Cloverfield. And I second the praise for Thomas Newman, whose work I’ve been following since The Player. The others are unfamiliar to me, though not for much longer.

Hayao Miyazaki’s new film is going to get a summer 2009 release in the U.S. An advance review of the dubbed American version says the film is charming and often very funny. Just tell me where to get the tickets.

I love love love my new iPod, because it lets me listen to things like this terrific four-part series about the life and work of Charles Darwin while my car is broken down and I’m waiting for the tow truck to arrive.

Time to check in with Theodulf, the wittiest Goth bishop you ever read.

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One thought on “Friday finds

  1. Jeff says:

    I really enjoyed Newman’s soundtrack to Scent of a Woman. I don’t care if I ever see the film again, but the parts of the soundtrack before the plot gets dreary are all urgent, upbeat variations on a theme, and I’ve never gotten tired of them.

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