Abandon all hope, ye who click here


It’s a fine line that separates “valuable Internet resource” from “epic time suck,” and Danteworlds sits squarely atop it. Actually, Danteworlds sits on it, below it and above it, since this site — a complement to Guy P. Raffa’s Danteworlds: A Reader’s Guide to the Inferno — takes you through all three levels of The Divine Comedy, with a Dante scholar to serve as your own personal Virgil (and danteworlds1Beatrice). It’s a brilliantly designed site, highly recommended to anyone even remotely familiar with the poem — or not, since the book and site have been developed by Raffa from his classes at the University of Texas at Austin. Though my twisted heart will always be with Gustave Dore’s famous illustrations (like the one above), I can certify that the new illustrations for the site are pretty cool stuff — and since there’s no point pretending we don’t already know where you’ll head first, the Inferno images are good for long periods of staring and musing. You’ll surrender a lot of spare time to this site, but you’ll be rewarded for your attention.

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One thought on “Abandon all hope, ye who click here

  1. Scott Stiefel says:

    My favorite time suck lately is the TV Tropes Wiki.

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