March of progress dept.

Big things come from small sheds. Actually, it’s more like small things come from big ideas from inside small sheds. Or something like that. Anyway, go see the man about how to build your very own Victorian flea chariot in brass.

On an unrelated note, I was struck by the term “soft jaws” as applied to a vise. Science and technology are full of accidentally poetic terms: my two favorites are “depressed highway” for a subsurface roadway (such as the one approaching the Pulaski Skyway from the east) and “hopeful monsters” for a mutation that can actually propagate itself. For some reason, “soft jaws” rings on my ear the same way.

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2 thoughts on “March of progress dept.

  1. The softjaws are made from aluminium rather than hardened steel hence are less likely to scuff or mark the brass when the vise is tightened.

  2. actually to correct myself… softjaws are more likely to be made of steel but anealed steel rather than hardened.

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