Pop-culture obsolesence watch

I’m about as interested in this summer’s Star Trek relaunch as I am in handicapping the Tibetan yak races, but Dances With Mermaids took to the Star Wars movies in a pretty big way, so I Netflixed Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Chiefly because I remembered it as having been a legitimately good action movie after the grinding bore that was the original flick, and because Dances was interested in the fact that the villain was played by Ricardo Montalban, the grandpa from the Spy Kids flicks.

Let’s just say the flick hasn’t aged well. The Woman Warrior and I kept cracking up at Khan’s fright wig, and the mumbo-jumbo in the dialogue kept Dances With Mermaids asking for explanations of what was going on. When it was all over, she said: “It was just a lot of people in uniforms standing around talking.”

Guess I better not rent The Final Frontier, eh?

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4 thoughts on “Pop-culture obsolesence watch

  1. Ron says:

    Your daughter has pretty much summed up the entire Star Trek pantheon. But it IS one of the reasons so many top SF writers were able to make their material work there.

  2. Steven Hart says:

    Were there so many top SF writers? I remember Theodore Sturgeon, Harlan Ellison and Norman Spinrad did one-offs for the original series.

  3. Scott Stiefel says:

    Try The Voyage Home.

  4. mikeb302000 says:

    I loved the original Star Trek series on TV. Nothing has lived up to that for me.

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