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In 1934, Stalin decided to create a separate homeland for Soviet Jews about 5,000 miles east of Moscow.  The experiment in Soviet-run Zionism, known as Birobidzhan, was a failure but its history remains quite interesting, as is this alternate history about a world in which Stalin’s experiment actually succeeded.  

So you made it through the Mutter Museum without getting the heebie jeebies — think you’re tough now? Let’s see you get through this museum without losing it.

You’re thinking about self-publishing your novel? That’s fine — at the rate things are going, we may all be self-publishing our books. But if you do go that route, use these covers as a guide for what not to do. 

“Life might very well lack purpose, and it might very well be a struggle. But that doesn’t mean you have to be an asshole about it.”

closeencounterI’ve occasionally thought about writing reviews of movies that ought to be made, but Spacesick has gone me one better and created a whole publishing line of fake covers for fake novelizations of real movies. The covers, all digitally distressed to look like real garage-sale finds, belie the fact that some of these movies did in fact get novelized — Close Encounters of the Third Kind, for example, carried a byline that was supposed to make people think Steven Spielberg himself had written the book — but Spacesick’s “I Can Read Movies Series”  versions look like they would have been  waaaay more fun to read. (Bird-dogged by John Scalzi.)

The new issue of The Biographer’s Craft is up. So is the new Ansible.

Lance Mannion ponders the correspondence — and the lives and the work —  of poets Robert Lowell and Elizabeth Bishop.

One of the best reasons for working in a big-city newsroom — not the only reason, but one of the best — was the chance to rub elbows with people like this.

The Library of America’s third PKD volume has three expected titles and one surprise. This PKD fan has some thoughts about that. Which is as good an excuse as any to post this PKD-related monologue from one of my favorite movies:

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One thought on “Friday finds

  1. Fred Kiesche says:

    Wish LOA would come out with a second H.P. Lovecraft volume and complete the “canon” so I can retire some of my paperbacks.

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