Chin up

Waking up before dawn, with the wind moaning around the corners of the house, I find the world a little too spooky and depressing to deal with — at least, until I made some stronger coffee. But then the sun came up and everything was different.

The wind was still blowing hard, but the air was warm enough for people to walk with their coats open and their heads back. Driving the Divine Miss T to kindergarten, I saw a young woman walking with her chin tilted up, hair streaming back as a warm gust made her coat flap open. That kind of sight can change your morning for the better.

I realize that February isn’t even half over, and March is waiting with a roll of icy quarters in each of its fists. But right now I’m thinking of spring, planning how I’ll take down the old swing set and lay out beds for a serious vegetable garden. It starts getting better now.


One thought on “Chin up

  1. Scott Stiefel says:

    Stupid Smarch weather.

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