Jeff, your go-to guy on all things Charlemagne, broadens out with this one-stop shopping guide to all things Welsh, including links on learning the language and getting a copy of The Mabinogion. All I can add is a plug for Evangeline Walton’s four outstanding Mabinogion-derived  novels, two of which — The Children of Llyr and The Song of Rhiannon — are overlooked classics of fantasy literature. Whatever uglies might be laid at Lin Carter’s door, his sponsorship of Walton’s late-career renaissance through the Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series ensures his place in heaven.

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One thought on “Welsh-aid

  1. Jeff says:

    Thanks for this! I’ll pass along this info to my students. I’m very curious to see what they think of this Welsh material; it’s probably the weirdest stuff they’ll read as English majors…

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