Friday finds


For the past three decades, essayist and art critic Paul Virilio has been studying and photographing the approximately 1,500 abandoned bunkers that are the remnants of the World War II  “Atlantic Wall,” built by the Germans in anticipation of an Allied landing on the coast of France. Virilio’s photographs of these forbidding, intriguing fortifications are in his book Bunker Archaeology, just returned to print by the Princeton Architectural Press.     

“If Michael Myers is my ‘star’ patient…and then he goes off and slaughters a whole town full of people…then I surely must be the worst f*cking doctor on Earth!”

You people look a little grouchy. Here’s some nice music to cheer you up.

Keep watching the skies! Dark comets are menacing the Earth! The solar system is full of mysteries!

This guy has a big idea. Writers of every stripe ought to be paying attention. And this writer has some words of encouragement you really ought to read. (Bird-dogged byJ.D. Rhoades.)

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