Lit tats

Via GalleyCat I found Contrariwise, a site devoted to literary tattoos. I can only admire people who love literature enough to wear it on their bodies, but I don’t think I’ll be following their example. If I started wearing my favorite passages from different books, I’d end up looking like a less buff combination of Guy Pierce in Memento and Robert De Niro in Cape Fear.

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5 thoughts on “Lit tats

  1. Scott Stiefel says:

    There’s a girl who’s been in a lot of my classes this semester and last who has Read, Think, Write tattooed on the back of her neck. I always think it’s cool.

  2. Seth A says:

    Don’t forget Peter Greenaway’s 1996 film, The Pillow Book

  3. Steven Hart says:

    Don’t know that one. The last Greenaway I saw was Prospero’s Books.

  4. Seth A says:

    The Pillow Book isn’t a great film, but it is interesting, and filled with people who write poems and novels on their flesh…

  5. Steven Hart says:

    Hmmmmm. There’s The Illustrated Man, in which the tattoos come to life and play out their stories. And Clive Barker’s Books of Blood opens with a fake medium being attacked by spirits who write their stories on his skin with shards of glass.

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