Friday finds


Multimedia artist Zineb Sedira is drawn to transitional realms like the coast of Mauritania, where the rotting hulks of two discarded ships became “The Lovers.” Read more about Sedira’s work here.

Allen Ginsberg, Philip Glass, Patti Smith, and Michael Swanwick. And a solar eclipse.

Speaking of Swanwick, he has a new monograph coming out about the life and work of Hope Mirrlees, who will be remembered by Ballantine Adult Fantasy cultists as the author of Lud-in-the-Mist. As with his excellent study of James Branch Cabell, Swanwick’s Mirrlees book is being published by Henry Wessells in both a trade paperback edition and a sumptuous handmade hardcover with all kinds of artistic touches.   

Ron Silliman says this is “the saddest death-of-a-bookstore story ever.”

Quite a few well-chosen words from and with Jules Feiffer.

An excellent profile of filmmaker Costa Gavras, whose breakthrough political thriller Z has been re-released in a sparkling new print for its 40th anniversary. A few months ago, an even more powerful Costa Gavras thriller, Missing, was reissued by Criterion in a typically features-packed DVD edition.

A 24-issue comic book series based on Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? starts rolling in June. Judging from the four different covers created for the debut issue, the look of the comics will have as much to do with Blade Runner as PKD’s novel. 

“I’ve read a number of these books in their original English, but these covers make them seem new and strange. As far as I can recall, no Bob Shaw novel I ever came across featured a one-armed woman in her undies and a man in a wheelchair watching the moon explode. It seems like the sort of thing I’d remember.”

Take a virtual tour of the sensory overload that was that Bowery punk palace CBGB, complete with Hilly Kristal in his office. All that’s missing are the patrons, of course, and the occasional surprise left behind by Hilly’s pooch.

Raise a cookie to the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street and watch this performance of Me, Claudius on Monsterpiece Theater. Maybe you’d like to check out this new book about the show’s creation. Then head over to MetaFilter, which has compiled clips of career highlights for some of the Sesame Street cast members, including Sonia Manzano (Maria) appearing in bit parts in Death Wish and B.J. and the Bear, Roscoe Orman (Gordon) in a blaxploitation flick, and Cookie Monster’s pitch for Munchos.

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