Books to come

Suddenly I have to figure out how I’m going to fit a clutch of must-read-immediately May books into my schedule along with a bunch of research-related reading.

I mean, there’s going to be a novel from C.M. Mayo, aka Madame Mayo, called The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire. La Senora has been on my blogroll for some time, and I hope that as she puts her book tour together she’ll find a way to work in a signing or two above the Mason-Dixon line. 

David Neiwert, an expert on hate crimes and the weird backways of the increasingly crazy right-wing culture, has a new book out called The Eliminationists: How Hate Talk Radicalized the American Right. I’ve long enjoyed Neiwert’s blog, Orcinus, and I thought his previous book, Strawberry Days, was a superb, heartbreaking work — a shame it never managed to find the wider audience it deserved.

And John Sandford has a new Lucas Davenport novel, Wicked Prey, coming out. The last entry in the series, Phantom Prey, was decent enough but a little lacking. It certainly wasn’t up to the standard of Secret Prey, Shadow Prey or Sudden Prey, for my money the best in the series to date. I’m intrigued that he’s woven the action around last year’s Republican National Convention in Minneapolis. In his previous life, Sandford — aka John Camp — was a Pulitzer-winning journalist, and I expect the skills and insight he acquired during those years will figure into this new entry in  my favorite crime series.  

All the while, I have to keep getting up to speed on the civil-rights era and the segregationist pushback.  So May is shaping up to be a pretty decent reading month.

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