Friday finds


Good morning, class. The question before us today is: When Satan and his rebel angels were ejected from Heaven, as described in Paradise Lost, how far did they fall before cratering in Hell? Assuming, of course, that the plummeting angels were subject to conventional rules of physics regarding terminal velocity. Hmmm, let’s not see the same hands all the time. Interesting calculations. You in the back there . . . you say the premise is flawed? Okay, forget about Paradise Lost. Let’s talk about Beowulf versus the Nazis.

How E.M. Forster predicted the Internet, as well as the financial crisis.

Baseball puts me to sleep, but I’ve always appreciated Yogi Berra’s gift for saying things that at first sound ridiculous but, upon reflection, become shrewd and funny: “It gets late early out there,” “You can observe a lot just by watching,” and “When you come to a fork in the road, take it,” which uses only 11 words to convey a library’s worth of meaning. So I just might chill out with this new biography of Berra this summer.

A tribute to Richard Amsel, movie poster artist extraordinaire. If you’ve looked at one-sheets for Raiders of the Lost Ark, Chinatown or Murder on the Orient Express, you’ve seen Amsel’s work.

Move like Seamus, tour New Mexico like Geoff.

Adventures in the screen trade: Intro, part one and part two.

“Authors on tour usually exhibited what seemed best behavior in Seattle, perhaps a result of the city’s enthusiastic embrace of writers or maybe just relief to be at such great distance from New York City’s publishing epicenter. Even those authors with fearsome reputations seldom lived up to advance billing, including John Irving, Norman Mailer, Stephen King, Alice Walker, Anne Rice and Martin Amis, who, to my utter surprise, described our interview in a New Yorker essay on his American book tour, including one of my rare agent provocateur questions (‘Are you an asshole?’).”

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4 thoughts on “Friday finds

  1. Scott Stiefel says:

    Byron gave the distance between heaven and hell as “about ten million times the distance reckon’d/ From our sun to its earth,” which is 10,000,000 AU or 152.2 lightyears.

  2. I’m putting the Beowulf vs. The Nazis video on my to do list. 🙂 My favorite Amsel poster is Raiders.

  3. […] the wonderful movie quiz blogger Dennis Cozzalio put forward (thanks again Steven Hart for linking his way) – Professor Peabody’s Hysterical Historical Wayback Spring Break Film […]

  4. Gretchen says:

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