Cat’s eye

The young’uns fell dead asleep trying to watch Fantasia the other night, and I couldn’t blame them. I’m going to give them a look at Allegro Non Troppo, a largely forgotten 1977 cult film directed by Bruno Bozzetto that takes the Fantasia concept of setting animated vignettes to classical music and blasts it out of the ballpark. The clip above, set to Sibelius’ Valse Triste, is one of the standouts — a real tearjerker — but there isn’t a bad episode in the bunch. The live-action interludes between the animated shorts get a bit tiresome, but fans of Italian film will note Maurizio Nichetti playing the put-upon conductor and animator. Nichetti went on to direct a number of oddball comedies like The Icicle Thief and Volere Volare that often combined animation and live action.

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One thought on “Cat’s eye

  1. Fred Kiesche says:

    Huh. Allegro Non Troppo is on DVD? Will have to look for that.

    We finally bought “Our Neighbor Tortoro”. Great film, but I think I liked it more than The Young Lady.

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