What’s old is New again

I haven’t exactly been scouring the Internets for Michael Jackson items, but I haven’t seen anyone resurrect this parody of Jackson’s “Billie Jean” video. That number, with Steve Martin doing the J-son’s moves, was the first segment of the first episode of The New Show, Lorne Michaels’ 1984 bid to bring the Saturday Night Live format to prime time. It was also the sole high point of the series, which ran out of ideas so fast that by the second or third episode they were recycling Seventies-vintage Francisco Franco jokes. Since the cast was loaded with alumni from SCTV, which had been out-brillianting SNL since the late Seventies, we can only conclude that the network (or Lorne Michaels) was chloroforming the players. The New Show wheezed along for nine episodes before NBC put it out of everyone’s misery.

Here’s the original, if you need a point of comparison:

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One thought on “What’s old is New again

  1. mikeb302000 says:

    I missed the New Show completely. That year I didn’t watch much TV. In fact I pretty much stopped while SNL was at its peak a few years previous.

    Steve Martin is a super talent though.

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