Sixth season of ‘The Wire’

At first it just seemed like another New Jersey corruption scandal, albeit on a larger scale. The bit with the Apple Jacks box full of cash was a nice detail. But then the organ-trafficking and Syrian Jews from Deal stuff came out, and it now appears we’re watching the unofficial sixth season of The Wire.

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One thought on “Sixth season of ‘The Wire’

  1. Stan Carter Jr. says:

    Several months ago, I heard it announced quickly and briefly via NPR here in Baltimore that there was an agreement so I thought for HBO to produce the new two final seasons of The Wire soon.

    After listening to this, so I thought anyway, I searched and searched the net for confirmation, even HBO website with no confirmation anywhere. Maybe they that said, it was proposed?

    Anyway, it is interesting that HBO has been showing all the seasons up to the last season, which is now available. It seems like perhaps they are testing the waters and are perhaps officially working on two more seasons of the wire?

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