The Wednesday Westie


Special-guest-Westie edition.

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4 thoughts on “The Wednesday Westie

  1. After watching your dog over the years, I’ve told my offspring that my next dog may be a Westie. 🙂

  2. Steven Hart says:

    Ah, but which of the three Westies do you like best? Benny up there is a guest.

  3. LauraW says:

    Hey! Just came over from Balloon Juice because if I EVER get another dog in my life I would like a Westie. A quiet, calm, non-yappy Westie. Whenever I see them with their persons I always quiz them about temperament. I just think they are the cutest things on the planet (next to all cats.)

    Not to totally pimp myself here, but I have a new vintage jewelry mosaic frame in my etsy store that is titled “Terrible Terriers” and it’s got several vintage Westie/Scottie jewelry bits on it. You are correct, however…BJ definitely lacks good representation in the Westie/Scottie categories. Darling photos!

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