Friday finds

Prince Valiant

Prince Valiant rides again, through the good offices of Fantagraphics Books. Over at Open Letters, Steve Donoghue  sings the praises of illustrator Hal Foster, one of the few comic strip creators who could really, really draw well.

Is it “goo goo goo joob,” or “goo goo ga joob,” or “goo goo g’joob”? More to the point, where did it come from?

Alexander Portnoy — still sexed up after all these years.

So the Iron Lady wanted to preserve the Iron Curtain. Why am I less than surprised, though considerably disturbed, by this news? What a relief this creep’s viewpoint did not prevail.

A snarky letter to the editor led to a gig writing a  weekly humorous political column for my local paper. After a couple of years, my editor said “you know, you’re a pretty good writer, why don’t you try a novel?” I looked at some of the dreck that was on the market and thought, “Hey, how hard can it be.” Isn’t naïveté a wonderful thing?

What the world needs now is — a collection of Bob Dylan songs done Kraftwerk style.

It may be the best J.G. Ballard adaptation ever filmed. Too bad it doesn’t get shown much outside the festival circuit.

If memory serves, I’ve already bought the white album six times: twice on vinyl, twice on cassette tape, twice on CD. So thanks but no thanks. On the other hand, if I watch every installment of this broadcast, I might end up changing my mind.

Life and art shared with PKD.

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One thought on “Friday finds

  1. Fred Kiesche says:

    I’ll have to put the Prince V. books on my wish list. I loved that stuff, especially the early stuff.

    Good luck with the signing. Bring an umbrella.

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