Tales of the rain canopy coalition


So there we were in Van Vorst Park yesterday for the Jersey City Book Festival and suddenly the air was filled with the pitter patter of tiny raindrops. Raindrops and books — not perfect together. So four of the hustling authors there to promote books immediately grabbed our tables and bogarted space beneath one of the few canopies available, and thus the rain canopy colaition was born.

My colleagues in the coalition, pictured above, were (from left to right) Sandra Catena, author of the world’s first belly-dance murder mystery; Dustin Dumas Weeks, author of a handbook for balancing success in the corporate world with maintenance of that sought-after thing called a personal life; and Patricia Je, author of a autobiographical novel about a young girl coping with life in an abusive household. Meeting such lovely people is one of the benefits of attending book festivals.

I also met Helene Stapinski, author of Five-Finger Discount and Baby Plays Around, both terrific reads. Here she is grinning while we talked about the newspaper biz, child-rearing, and the high degree of economic suckitude now prevalent in the publishing industry:


All in all, not a bad day out.


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