‘Solomon’ lame

Any interest I might have had in the long-pending film based on Robert E. Howard’s Solomon Kane stories just flew out the window. Actually, since my expectations were never that high to begin with, maybe I should say my interest dribbled down a sub-sub-basement storm drain. ‘Cause judging from this advance notice and this report from the Toronto International Film Festival, this flick has “Direct-to-DVD landfill leachate” written all over it.

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2 thoughts on “‘Solomon’ lame

  1. Jeff says:

    It really looks awful, doesn’t it? I don’t understand why someone would pay what I presume is real money for the rights to use the name and then make a movie that doesn’t please people who’d be drawn by that name.

  2. Fred Kiesche says:

    Well, I’m looking forward to (not) “On Stranger Tides” the next “Pirates” flick. Hah, based on Tim Powers? Nah, they paid him for the name so he couldn’t sue them later. Any resemblance to the actual book will be purely a coincidence. As for Solomon, ah well, too bad. I’ll just read the tales again.

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