Blue Monday (The Fats File)

Fats Domino sings the song that gave this feature its name. In his biography Blue Monday: Fats Domino and the Lost Dawn of Rock’n’Roll, Rick Coleman claims “The Fat Man” predates any claim Elvis Presley may have to performing the first rock’n’roll song. Because so many blues and R&B performers can also lay claim to the title of Original Rock and Roller, I doubt the question will ever be settled. Shucks, my own choice would be Louis Jordan’s “Saturday Night Fish Fry.”

Here’s another well-worn number from the Fats files.

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One thought on “Blue Monday (The Fats File)

  1. We hardly knew Fats was still alive until he was pulled from the same, modest house in the 9th Ward he had lived in most of his life after the levees broke. A shy, modest man, he chose to entertain people and live a quiet life more than toot his own horn, and every track he released is a gem. Simple formula with some New Orleans magic. A gentleman still, and one of those folks I am glad is living in the same century as me. A victim of racism in his time who took it in stride with with pride. His recent biography is great.

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