Friday finds

In honor of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption, the Guardian assembles a podcast about apocalyptic themes in literature, including a chat with Simon Winchester about the destruction of Krakatoa, and a survey of disaster novels.

A history professor at Birkbeck College in London has confessed to using anonymous Amazon book reviews to trash works by other historians.

Two books about cities devastated by natural and man-made calamities — The Ground Truth by John Farmer and Zeitoun by Dave Eggers — are reviewed by Frederik Pohl, whose blog is one of my regular Internet reads.

Emerald wasps and zombie cockroaches!

A sad story from the halls of the March.

Matt Yglesias surveys the fever swamp that is Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood and, like any rational adult, comes away scratching his head. It’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to read, let alone launch, a site devoted to round-the-clock whining about how so many creative people in Hollywood are lefties. Let Breitbart put his money where his mooks are and produce that great wingnut epic he’s been waiting for somebody else to make. Hey, how about a sequel to An American Carol?

What did you do on Charles Krauthammer Day? We all know what Charles Krauthammer himself didn’t do.

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