Say hello to Glenn

After hearing multiple requests for espresso, I broke down and bought a Nespresso machine for the bookstore coffee station. The customers have been uniformly approving of the drinks. I have to admit I’m endlessly fascinated by the little coffee warheads that get fed into the machine. For some reason, I’m reminded of the Strange Change machine I had back in the day.

To complete the caffeine experience, I ordered a milk frother to go with the Nespresso, and it’s a wonderful gizmo in its own right. I’ve named it Glenn Beck — or, as we say down at the bookstore, just Glenn. Like its namesake, Glenn is a machine built to produce large amounts of froth at the mere touch of a button. Except the end product of the bookstore’s Glenn is much more palatable.

How about that! Just now, I happened to mention ACORN while using the frother and it produced twice as much foam as usual. Maybe I should have named it O’Reilly?

2 thoughts on “Say hello to Glenn

  1. Ron F says:

    These machines are awesome. We had one at the IMD stage. Got used endlessly (frother too). There’s a company program for subscribing to get the pods, with which the machine comes free.

  2. Pat Price says:

    Just a general comment>
    I miss your regular posts but am happy that you are too busy to keep them coming.
    I’m hoping this means that the store and/or your writing are going well.
    Good fortune to you and yours.

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