Cat people

The Author was in a pretty snippy mood. Not at me, fortunately, but at his publisher. The Author’s last book, the debut of a new series, had been out for the better part of the year but was still not available in a  Kindle edition. The second book in the series was being prepped for publication, and the Author was pissed off about the cover, which was dominated by a cat.

“I called them up and I told them there isn’t a cat in the book,” the Author groused. “They told me, ‘Cats sell.’ I told them I didn’t care, there was no cat in the book. So they told me to put one in.”

“That’s all it took?” I asked. “One mention of a cat?”

“I hate cats,” the Author said. “I wouldn’t write a book with cats in it.”

“Maybe you could make it a Schrodinger kind of cat,” I suggested. “You could write a scene with a box, and the cat is inside it either alive or dead.”

We batted that one around for a bit. Then the Author said, “So my agent called me and said, ‘Just put the damned cat in.’ I told them I’d put the cat in as soon as the first book went up on Kindle. So now the book is on Kindle and I wrote in the cat.”

In some ways, the scenario reminded me of the scene in Tootsie where Dustin Hoffman and Sydney Pollack argue about the motivation of a tomato. But that’s publishing for you.

2 thoughts on “Cat people

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