Hey everybody! I hear there’s a big football game coming up! Let’s all . . . what’s that? You mean, I missed it again? Damn!

One thought on “Wow!

  1. Chucky says:

    The build-up to the game was a glorious thing. Snow and ice … rolling blackouts … the two giant airports closed … schools closed 4 days straight … winter storm and hard-freeze warnings … all that made Dallas look like New Jersey.

    When it came time for the game it got more glorious. Ice falling off the stadium … not all the seats installed … the national anthem flubbed … the halftime show a farce as usual … the overhyped commercials a rip-off (and at least one of them a put-on).

    This wonderful trainwreck has reduced most every sports columnist to the level of Paris Hilton when she was jailed. “It’s Not Fair!”

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