Now with editorial services!

Psst! You need somebody to copy edit, index, or even evaluate your manuscript? I’m your man.

What are my qualifications, you ask? Well, I have nearly three decades of experience as a newspaper journalist and business writer, my freelance articles have appeared in quality venues like Salon and The New York Times, I have 26 state and national journalism awards to my credit, and I am the author of The Last Three Miles, a widely praised work of narrative history, published in 2007 by The New Press. (There’s also a novel on the way, but more on that in the next couple of weeks.)

My services start with basic line editing and proofreading, as well as indexing of manuscripts. I also offer manuscript evaluation and advice at slightly higher rates.  Politicians, porn stars, Galtian business titans, and celebrities in need of a ghost writer should drop me a line. Take a stroll through my blog archives and arrive at your own conclusions about my writing ability.

If you want to talk business, contact me at hart(dot)steven(at)gmail(dot)com. Did I mention that I’m also discreet?

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