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Friday finds

How about this one-woman band?

Cloud formations over the Canary Islands. Hypnotically beautiful.

The Battle of Point Judith, a U-boat engagement that happened after Germany surrendered. Makes me want to re-read Shadow Divers.

Has the incidence of swearing in John Sandford’s hard-boiled Prey series gone up or down? The numbers don’t lie.

How much would you bid for H.L. Mencken’s beer stein collection?

“Imagine a man who buys a chicken from the grocery store, manages to bring himself to orgasm by penetrating it, then cooks and eats the chicken.” No, dude, how about you imagine it and leave the rest of us out of your sexual fantasies. That sentence, penned by NYT winger columnist David “Babbling” Brooks, is only one of a selection of genuinely weird observations taken from Brooks’ new book, The Social Animal.

Westies playing tag, singing along with Maria Callas, discovering snow, and taking a lap nap.

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Now with editorial services!

Psst! You need somebody to copy edit, index, or even evaluate your manuscript? I’m your man.

What are my qualifications, you ask? Well, I have nearly three decades of experience as a newspaper journalist and business writer, my freelance articles have appeared in quality venues like Salon and The New York Times, I have 26 state and national journalism awards to my credit, and I am the author of The Last Three Miles, a widely praised work of narrative history, published in 2007 by The New Press. (There’s also a novel on the way, but more on that in the next couple of weeks.)

My services start with basic line editing and proofreading, as well as indexing of manuscripts. I also offer manuscript evaluation and advice at slightly higher rates.  Politicians, porn stars, Galtian business titans, and celebrities in need of a ghost writer should drop me a line. Take a stroll through my blog archives and arrive at your own conclusions about my writing ability.

If you want to talk business, contact me at hart(dot)steven(at)gmail(dot)com. Did I mention that I’m also discreet?