Friday finds

So far this summer has been regrettably short on stories about killer sharks or giant squid. Fortunately, this 18-foot saltwater crocodile will suffice for the time being.

Moomins versus Totoros. Only this intrepid blogger dares to compare.

Zen monks fighting a wildfire in Big Sur? Tell me more.

Gloucester, Mass., as an inspiration to Edward Hopper. Via Lance.

“The relationship between fathers and sons is always very competitive. I’m jealous of my kids too. As you get tired and get older, you see these kids having a great life, you think: fuck them. You’re furious. This is part of the difficulty of the relationship. Thinking about how much you hate your own children as much as you love them, and how much they hate you sometimes, and why all these things are intertwined is a crucial part of parenting. My Dad was very annoyed at my success, which he thought was undeserved compared to his own genius and brilliance. It was very smart of me to not take any notice of that and carry on working and allow him to live with his own failure, which was very difficult for him.”

The rise and fall of Limburger cheese in America.

Ambrose Bierce has joined the Black Jacket Club! It’s long overdue, as I could have told you years ago. It just so happens I have a few other suggestions.


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