A Super Bowl memory

For me, the Super Bowl is like a holiday observed by some obscure religion I know very little about. One day I’ll notice people behaving strangely, and then I’ll hear the term “Super Bowl Sunday” and all becomes clear.

I have no idea what teams were facing off that particular year, but I remember going to see Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V at the Montgomery arthouse cinema on Super Bowl Sunday and finding the house almost completely sold out. I even spotted Joyce Carol Oates in the audience. They had all said to themselves, “Screw football, I’m gonna go see a Shakespeare film.” My fondest Super Bowl Sunday memory.

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3 thoughts on “A Super Bowl memory

  1. Jeff says:

    How weird: I was at that same theater watching “Henry V” that night, too, with the daughter of a bookstore owner you used to know. The place was packed. It’s one of my fonder and most distinctive Super Bowl memories.

  2. Damn, that is weird! Were you the guy who spilled Dr. Pepper on Joyce Carol Oates?

  3. Jeff says:

    Definitely not! Not because I’m incapable of spilling soda, but because I’m not a soda-in-the-theater sorta guy.

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