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Blast from the past

Here’s a nice little mood-booster I came across just this morning: a review of The Last Three Miles I somehow missed. It’s a nice review. That’s what I meant by “mood-booster,” in that it boosted my mood. When you’re unemployed, such things are necessary. Anyway, here are the highlights:

“[A] first-rate piece of narrative history . . .  Hart’s story is splendidly written, with nary a wasted word. His account of a massive construction project and its travails, framed by the tale of one of its major players, Frank Hague, revives the story of New Jersey’s original “boss” for a new generation. Hart also provides the reader with a gripping account of one of the state’s violent Depression era labor struggles and a noteworthy analysis of early highway engineering and construction, a science with one foot firmly planted in the nineteenth century and another tentatively feeling its way into the twentieth.” Joseph G. Bilby, H-Net

Available right now at better bookstores and Web sites. Also on Kindle and in audiobook form via Just a consumer advisory, you understand.

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