Deja spew

It wasn’t all that long ago that a bunch of sleazy operators who claimed to have inside knowledge were telling us that Iraq was on the verge of developing nuclear weapons. We all know how that one turned out, so it’s a little incredible to see Benjamin Netanyahu on the tube hawking almost the exact same script about Iran.

Because the neutered American media long ago surrendered their ability to subject this guff to actual analysis, I turn to this Mideast expert to provide some factual background and independent insight. Neocons may salivate whenever Bibi rings his bell — nothing gets their blood up like the prospect of dropping freedom bombs on Mideast countries — but the rest of us know we’ve heard it all before, and we’re not buying.  

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One thought on “Deja spew

  1. Charles Everett says:

    It isn’t just the neocons that drool over Bibi the Bully. The US government and the liberal media do the same. No surprise there as the liberal media parrot the official US line — “Israel, Right or Wrong”.

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