Dog psychology


Of all the pups in Clan Westie, the Wee Laddie was always the most stable and centered. He liked to roughhouse, no mistake, and when things got dull he would usually cozy up to the Dowager Empress and yank the fur on the side of her face, just to instigate some action. But when he wasn’t tussling or patrolling the perimeter, Wee Laddie was a pretty happy-go-lucky sort of dog.

Now he’s developed a bit of a complex about the back stairs. When he comes in through the doggie door, he gets all flustered and can’t quite bring himself to make the short charge up the three steps separating him from the kitchen and the living room full of soft Westie-friendly cushions. I have to come down and open the back door. He circles outside, comes back in, gets into position, and launches himself up the steps from exactly the same point where he was vapor-locking before.

I don’t get it. But then, I don’t feel any compulsion to chase squirrels, so I guess I’m in over my head on this.

3 thoughts on “Dog psychology

  1. le0pard13 says:

    Could it be physical? I know he’s young, but could his reaction to a bad hip or injured joint?

  2. Steven Hart says:

    He’s an old campaigner. He can make it up the steps just fine, but only if he comes through the door in a certain way. Maybe I should leave some Laphroaig at the top of the stairs and see what he does.

  3. Charles Everett says:

    Maybe he’s jealous because the newest game piece in Monopoly is …. a cat!

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