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The Dog Days Poetry Series

Because nothings says “It’s too hot to think” like bad poetry!

Long after those teenaged years when I thought Every Good Boy Deserves Favour was a work of great profundity, the Moody Blues remain a guilty pleasure. They forsook R&B to ride Sgt. Pepper’s coattails to wealth and fame, but they brought their songcraft along for the trip. “The Story in Your Eyes” is one of the great overlooked singles of the Seventies, and the poperatic “Nights in White Satin” was the perfect accompaniment to my Sorrows of Young Werther period. I can even listen to it now, as long as it doesn’t have that tacked-on album coda of purple poetry.

The poetry . . . oy.

I’ve always suspected Graeme Edge’s verses were a drummer’s revenge — a cry for help from a man who’d started with a harder-edged style and had to tone it down drastically for the sake of commercial appeal.

I think he definitely had an influence on the poetry of Spinal Tap.


Just remember — don’t try this at home. And if you do, don’t let it out of the house.

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